Pre-Purchase Counseling

We are evolving, growing, and adapting to industry change to ensure you will receive the most up to date tools to help you transition in your new housing lifestyle.


Pre-Purchase Counseling

Pre-purchase counseling provides advice regarding readiness and preparation for individuals transitioning into homeownership. Counseling sessions are catered to meet each consumer’s individual needs and include topics such as:

 Housing selection and mobility

 Locating housing that provides universal design and visibility

 Housing search assistance

 Selecting a real estate agent

 Home inspections

 Purchase procedures and closing costs

 Money management, budgeting, and credit

 Fair housing, fair lending, and predatory lending

 Loan product and feature comparisons

 Alternative sources of mortgage credit

 Down payment assistance

 Federal Housing Administration insured financing

 How to apply for special programs available to potential homebuyers

 How to purchase a home using the Section 8 Homeownership Voucher Program

 Referrals to community services and regulatory agencies